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Nashville, the country music capital of the world, welcomes Pearl River Guitars.

Sherry Carlisle Smith, respected owner/operator of the SCE Group, a prominent booking and promotion agency in Nashville, is well-versed in the city’s music scene. With a remarkable history of performing both solo and alongside numerous country music stars, Sherry has earned recognition for her role in assembling top Nashville musicians for live performances and promoting them nationwide through live streaming and videos.

As Nashville’s reputation as Music City, USA, hinges on the significance of the guitar, Sherry is thrilled to introduce local musicians to the new line of Pearl River Guitars. Among the recent converts is country music star Keith Burns, a founding member of the Grammy-nominated ACM & AMA award-winning, platinum-selling group Trick Pony.

With an impressive track record as one of Nashville’s leading songwriters and the recipient of the NIMA Best Country Male Solo Artist & Best Country Entertainer of the Year awards, Keith’s opinions on guitars carry considerable weight.

“The moment I picked up a Pearl River guitar, I knew it would be accompanying me on the road,” he remarked. “It boasts an amazing tone, a perfect feel, and is incredibly appealing to the eye. From now on, Pearl River will be on stage with me wherever I go!” Keith’s Pearl River guitar will be a constant companion during his sold-out North American tour, featuring Pearl River guitar signage on his tour bus.

Keith Burns isn’t the only one singing praises for Pearl River Guitars. Russ Roberts, a renowned Nashville singer, songwriter for artists and movies, and a music producer, has shared his admiration as well. After receiving a Pearl River guitar from Sherry Carlisle Smith, Russ expressed, “Among the many guitars I’ve played and owned, this one stands out as one of the best. The tone is warm, yet clean and crisp, with incredible sustain. The craftsmanship and finish are excellent, and I can’t wait to record and perform with it live.”

Each Pearl River guitar undergoes a meticulous and intricate process, starting with the careful selection of woods known for their unique tonal qualities, resonance, and aesthetic appeal. The bracing is thoughtfully positioned to enhance response and projection. Throughout the entire production, every Pearl River guitar is rigorously tested and adjusted to achieve the perfect balance of tone, playability, and responsiveness.

In a market boasting approximately 72 million guitar-playing Americans and expected US guitar sales of $1.8 billion in 2023, Sherry Carlisle Smith is confident about Pearl River Guitars’ potential to claim a well-deserved share. “All the top Nashville songwriters and performers who have played these guitars unanimously agree on their exceptional qualities,” Sherry remarked. “They all attest to their openness, resonance, great tone, and projection. We take immense pride in being among the first ambassadors for Pearl River Guitars.”

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Photo credits: Debra Sheridan/intheRAWphotography – all images of Keith Burns, Russ Roberts and Sherry Carlisle Smith.